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All About Composting!

The Pedal Coop’s uses locally-produced, sustainably-collected compost to grow food.

We pick up food waste from residents and businesses and deliver the material to partnering community gardens in Philadelphia. Properly maintained piles will turn to nutrient rich soil in just a few months (in the warm weather). This home/community grown soil enables urban farmers to grow food in the City without fear of soil contamination.

A quarter of Philadelphians are at risk of hunger, yet responding to the hunger epidemic is complicated by Philadelphia’s well-documented problem of high lead levels in the soil. Lead contamination makes growing food directly in the soil unadvisable due to the health concerns connected to lead. Free deliveries of compost to community gardens respond simply, yet directly, to issues of food inaccess.

Able To Compost!
Brown In-Between Green
pine needles corncobs egg shells
shredded hardwood flour teabags
black&white newspaper cornmeal watermelon rinds
cardboard grains oatmeal
woodchips old potting soil banana peels
leaves peanut shells beer mash
sawdust stale bread fruits and vegetables
straw and hay hair coffee grounds
flowers & grass clippings

Do Not Compost!
meat dairy egg
treated wood bones grease, fat, oil
kitty litter pet feces human waste
inorganic waste colored newsprint or paper plywood